Instructions for New Mediums

These days I have been invited to visit a place hidden in the mountains. The centuries-old witness of atrocious moments that have passed through the heart of wonderful forests.

Its memories still fill the earth and stone all around, its inhabitants live here from the time of the living that was once theirs.

What pain… what sweetness

Yes because I have also met the people who take care of it every day. They come to cut the grass, to clean the chapel, to give comfort to those who have not yet forgiven and said goodbye. And whenever spirits who are eager to serve authentically for the well-being of others are found in a place, suddenly something in the atmosphere changes. It becomes very powerful.

If only the world were full of people animated in this way, it would be a wonderful place for anyone to live.

A spirit like theirs proves that when you are overwhelmed with love for something or someone you naturally become devoted. In a state like that you are not doing something because you are forced to, but because you are simply willing. You don’t think, “what is my gain?” You only see what is necessary and you put yourself at its service, you become an absolute volunteer of Existence.

We have to work for such people to emerge in every part of the planet. Help individuals to become aware that they possess a gift, the result of lifetimes of training, and that they only want to share it.
Next month a compendium of advice will be published for those with the desire to do what some in these mountains are already doing.

It will be entitled “Instructions for New Mediums”.

A devoted embrace

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