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Genoa / Italy

Lessons: every tuesday


Ceriale / Italy

Lessons: every thursday


Milan / Italy

Lessons: every monday


Vicenza / Italy

Lessons: fortnightly lessons


Bologna / Italy

Lessons: every tuesday


Rome / Italy

Lessons: fortnightly lessons


Livorno / Italy

Lessons: fortnightly lessons


Bremen / Germany

Lessons: monthly seminar


Brussels / Belgium

Lessons: monthly seminar

Eish Shaok Excursions

Every year, with the arrival of spring, our foreign schools immerse themselves in two extraordinary community experiences. These moments are an opportunity to celebrate the past year and strengthen the sense of community, which intensifies further during summer activities.

The group from the German schools in Bremen and Braunschweig, led by Haidehoi David Simurgh, participated in an exciting trip to the south of the Netherlands, immersing themselves in the lush beauty of nature and the energy of this land. Each day was an opportunity to connect deeply with the Spirit, living a daily life rich in sharing and discovery.

The school in Brussels, led by Haidehoi Riel, experienced a residential community event, permeated by the desire to explore and share their nuances with companions. In these days, immersion in practice enriched every moment, transforming it into a precious opportunity to grow together and discover the joy of living every moment in connection with one’s authenticity.

Here are some images to share those moments together.

In Italy, from July 28th to August 11th, we will gather to experience community life in the mountains.

If you want to receive further details, contact us privately or send an email to: moc.liamgnull@itnevekoahshsie.

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