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Lessons: every tuesday


Ceriale / Italy

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Milan / Italy

Lessons: every monday


Vicenza / Italy

Lessons: fortnightly lessons


Bologna / Italy

Lessons: every tuesday


Rome / Italy

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Livorno / Italy

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Bremen / Germany

Lessons: monthly seminar


Brussels / Belgium

Lessons: monthly seminar


There are always emergencies, in your life there will always be emergencies. Every day you chase them, try to solve them, limit the problems, take care of the whole world… until you realize that the greatest emergency has become you.

How easy it is to forget yourself and think that the time for you will come later, that it will come when everything is resolved. But that time never comes. And your “Self” waits, first it inspires, then it whispers softly, and then it shouts at the top of its lungs, finally emerging with all its urgency. It tells you clearly: “Now you will have eyes only for me. Otherwise, you will live a life without me, the life of someone else.”

If you are not there, it is not worth it. If the love for yourself does not come first, if it does not arise from within and does not change you from within, how can it flood the rest of the world?

Whatever your story is, no matter how much effort you are putting in, give yourself a chance.

Let go of the past, it no longer exists. Do not blame yourself, not even for the way you have handled everything so far, because your way has protected you when it was probably the only way you could manage. What is necessary now is your commitment to yourself in the present, committing to discovering how to put yourself back in the center.

Many think that when everything is sorted out, they will find peace, but wonderfully it is the opposite: when we find peace, then everything sorts itself out.

Every day you have a choice to start anew: to be your priority or to become your emergency.

A brave hug

David Simurgh
David Simurgh

European manager for the Eish Shaok International Association. He spreads the principles of spiritual awakening through his work as a teacher, lecturer and writer. To date, he is the author of three first books on the Eish Shaok path: "I will tell you about them I- In the Beginning", "I will tell you about them II- In the Celestial Abode" and "Beyond Yourself". The books can be ordered here: ilgiardinodeilibri.it.

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