Eish Shaok Schools


Genoa / Italy

Lessons: every tuesday


Ceriale / Italy

Lessons: every thursday


Milan / Italy

Lessons: every monday


Vicenza / Italy

Lessons: fortnightly lessons


Bologna / Italy

Lessons: every tuesday


Rome / Italy

Lessons: fortnightly lessons


Livorno / Italy

Lessons: fortnightly lessons


Bremen / Germany

Lessons: monthly seminar


Brussels / Belgium

Lessons: monthly seminar


There are always emergencies, in your life there will always be emergencies. Every day you chase them, try to solve them, limit the problems, take care of the whole world… until you realize that the greatest emergency has become you. How easy it is to forget yourself and think that the time for you will…

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Eish Shaok Excursions

Every year, with the arrival of spring, our foreign schools immerse themselves in two extraordinary community experiences. These moments are an opportunity to celebrate the past year and strengthen the sense of community, which intensifies further during summer activities. The group from the German schools in Bremen and Braunschweig, led by Haidehoi David Simurgh, participated…

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Love your shadow

Falling in love with your own shadow is a crucial step. Because there are dark areas within us, places far from daylight, voices we hide out of fear and shame. And learning to fall in love with them means honoring your nature, reassembling the image, returning whole. One look is enough to understand what it’s…

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Do You Have Faith in Yourself?

Wounded children govern Humanity. And as long as those who rule this planet are wounded children, Humanity will not know peace. Try asking a government the reasons why it acts violently and is in conflict with another government. You will hear that it all has to do with fear, selfish gain, and the grand justification…

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Easter and Trust

Trust is a cornerstone, the necessary condition for a relationship to flourish in all its beauty. Whether it’s the relationship with oneself or with others, having trust is really important, and the beauty of having it is that you can never take it for granted. Because trust can be earned, but also lost, and then…

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Agree With Them

When someone wants to be right at all costs, make them a precious gift: agree with them. Because it’s not your job to convince someone who doesn’t want to listen, who wants to go their own way or considers it better than yours. And if you let the people around you make their own choices,…

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The Temple of the Soul

We are pilgrims in a beautiful world, walking among billions of hearts… how much wonder for those who know how to recognise it. This morning a dip in the Germanic moors with some adventurers with me. For miles just silence and the company of the first rays of spring. Then suddenly something calls to us,…

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