Eish Shaok Schools


Genoa / Italy

Lessons: every tuesday


Ceriale / Italy

Lessons: every thursday


Milan / Italy

Lessons: every monday


Vicenza / Italy

Lessons: fortnightly lessons


Bologna / Italy

Lessons: every tuesday


Rome / Italy

Lessons: fortnightly lessons


Livorno / Italy

Lessons: fortnightly lessons


Bremen / Germany

Lessons: monthly seminar


Brussels / Belgium

Lessons: monthly seminar

What is Eish Shaok?

Eish Shaok is one of the oldest spiritual paths in the world dedicated to Supreme Synergy.

What is Suprem Synergy?

Synergy is an extraordinary word that means ‘working together’.

The Supreme Synergy happens to you when you know and balance your energy system perfectly together with your heart, your body and your mental intention to fully express your spiritual potential. Put together all the parts that compose you and make them work side by side. A team to support you.

Our Tradition calls this balance also “union with the Soul“. A fusion with the deepest part of you. The ancient eishaoka discipline is dedicated to the union of the individual with all Existence, a state of consciousness that finds its heart in the Supreme Synergy, also commonly referred to as “self-realization” or “enlightenment”. The Eish Shaok work program is built on the method that leads a person to this experience – a practice formulated by a rigorous interior observation by ancient Masters over thousands of years. These individuals with their extraordinary perception and mastery of every aspect of the human mechanism deepened and crossed the limits of their ‘I’, discovering the nature of the cosmos – a macrocosm dotted with wonders.

Some results of this work are:

  • Serene mind, harmonious body, open heart, awake Spirit: a state of deep inner balance.
  • Dissolving fears, anxieties and suffering.
  • You will feel a great peace that will completely fill you.
  • Expression of the great unconscious potentials.
  • Memory of previous lives.
  • Rediscover the meaning of our long journey.

Now let’s see together something more about this ancient path.

Eish Shaok

Rappresentation of Simurgh as mythological bird, Madrasa di Nadir DivanBegi {1622}, Bukhara.

The origin of the Eish Shaok and the history linked to its teachings are lost in the meanders of time and in the words of a long oral tradition. To date the most probable historical period which finds its roots and fragments seems to go from 1000 BC to 300 AD Tradition tells us of the arrival of a Master known as ‘Simurgh’ who gathered around himself seven other Masters, called Haidehoi (perhaps from the ancient Persian Hadi: guide), of different temples, schools and traditions and shared with them the pillars of this new path. The name of our mythical founder, of Avestan-Sanskrit origin, later became famous because of the 13th century Persian poem “The Word of the Birds”, by Farid al-Din ‘Attar. As for the path name, the historical etymology of the word ‘Eish’ is linked to the Hebrew ‘ish’ (אּישׁ), which literally means man. “Shaok” instead finds its root in Sanskrit “ashoka” (अशोक), without suffering, or in the Armenian term “ashok”, bard priest.

Finally, it should be emphasized that all the teachings, the internal working methods and the ceremonies of the Eish Shaok tradition can be found scattered in all continents and historical periods but make an important and particular reference to the contact with an ‘elsewhere’ that remains the protagonist source of all our and human research

The tradition, together with its schools, became public in the West in 2008.