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Eish Shaok is an ancient spiritual school dedicated to all those who feel confined by the limits of their world and are trying to make sense of their long journey on planet Earth. It’s a place where little importance is given to what you’ve done up till now or the person you thought you were. You’ll be the first to realise that the past has no power in this school. In this sacred space you learn to focus your skills, a desire to broaden your horizons, to express yourself without limits and to go beyond doubt and suffering. Day after day you are given a rare and precious opportunity to go deep within yourself, observe the quality of your inner world and… understand your own part in it all; your role in the great pattern of Existence.

Haidehoi David Simurgh


The idiocy of feeling responsible

As you know, at the beginning of your spiritual journey you spend a lot of energy trying to get rid

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