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A life in harmony with yourself

The authentic life you desire begins after five important and complex clarifications that you must have with:

  1. Yourself
  2. Your parents
  3. Your partner
  4. Ally-friends-collaborators
  5. The strangers who are arriving

And if you are living a life that is not yet in line with yourself, it’s because you haven’t had the courage to communicate with these people until you achieve deep and complete understanding.

However, reflect carefully on this: communicating is neither synonymous with expressing oneself nor with informing.

Your expression doesn’t require others, and others don’t need it. It’s yours, intimate, personal, only related to how you feel and how the different parts of you wish to manifest in the outside world.

Informing, on the other hand, involves sharing information, but with a disinterest in the listener’s perspective. “I’ll do this for one reason or another. I won’t give you anything more than explanations of what will happen.”

Communicating is more complicated than expressing oneself or informing, yet it encompasses both and sublimates them at the same time. This is why communication is such a rare art.

Communicating means bringing into communion, expressing your inner self and sharing it, while being aware and interested in the existence of the other, their sensitivity, and experience. For communication to happen, complete sincerity is necessary, the exposure of vulnerabilities and deep desires must be total.

And when communication happens, it creates a bridge, clarifies the essence, reveals the direction, gives a perspective by bringing together and colliding different points of view. In the end, no one is who they were before, or rather, everyone is more aware of who they truly are.

So gather your courage, prepare yourself, and when everything is ready, don’t waste time and start immediately. From where? Always from relationship number one.

I’ll be waiting for you on the other side.

An authentic embrace.

David Simurgh
David Simurgh

European manager for the Eish Shaok International Association. He spreads the principles of spiritual awakening through his work as a teacher, lecturer and writer. To date, he is the author of three first books on the Eish Shaok path: "I will tell you about them I- In the Beginning", "I will tell you about them II- In the Celestial Abode" and "Beyond Yourself". The books can be ordered here: ilgiardinodeilibri.it.

Articles: 357

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