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Are you more stupid or more tired?

Meeting a man at the station in Milan.

Me leaving on a long journey, him half lying on a marble staircase sipping a heineken and watching people go by.

“Hey puppies, you want to know something?” He thunders at one point towards me and a group of passing travellers.
I nod and approach, while the others disappear.

“I too was always leaving like you, then one fine day I realised that I never got anywhere, that I was stupid and tired. So I stopped and since then I watch the stupid and the tired come and go. Are you more tired or more stupid?”

He smiles and I laugh: I was looking at an extraordinary Spirit, not at all surrendered, just on a different level of participation.

“I’d say I have honorary membership of both categories: I’m a sort of founding member!”
“Then why don’t you sit here with me for a while?”
“I could, we’d have a few laughs, but it’s not time yet.”
“Why? Do you have better things to do?”
“I have appointments I don’t want to miss, so many stupid and tired people to walk around with a little more, but when I’m done I’ll come back and see you.”
“Dressed like that what job do you do?”
“Utility man.”
“What, you clean houses?”
“Almost: I open doors and windows, dust, and help the scent of Home to take hold.”
“And why?”
“So when the stupid and tired return they can rest and sip a heineken in peace.”
“Then I am your customer, even though my Casa is outdoors.”
“I would say yes, you are one of my best customers.”

Our meeting thus ends, simply with a look of mutual understanding, and a sweet goodbye.

We are given three ways to enjoy this journey on earth: we can run for a while, deluding ourselves that we will get somewhere, that we will do something important. Or we can give up the goal, and learn to enjoy the journey, wherever it takes us, in Service to this great House. Or we have every right to sit back, to observe, to rest.

But in the meantime smiles paint our world in colour, so tell me:

“Are you more stupid or more tired?”

A hug on the way

David Simurgh
David Simurgh

European manager for the Eish Shaok International Association. He spreads the principles of spiritual awakening through his work as a teacher, lecturer and writer. To date, he is the author of three first books on the Eish Shaok path: "I will tell you about them I- In the Beginning", "I will tell you about them II- In the Celestial Abode" and "Beyond Yourself". The books can be ordered here: ilgiardinodeilibri.it.

Articles: 337

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