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Perhaps not everyone knows that the holiday of 31 October, now called Halloween, actually derives from the ancient Samhain, a pagan Celtic New Year’s Day.

This day was considered by the Celts to be a timeless, sacred and deeply spiritual time, when it was customary to thank the past year and welcome the new one by lighting a big fire together.

The only thing that today’s Halloween has in common with ancient Samhain is the intuition that somehow the veil separating the worlds of the invisible and the visible can be torn away during these hours.

In ancient times, in all traditions, the autumn period was considered the best time of the year to approach the cult of the dead, the perception of spirits, prescience, telepathy, the materialisation of spiritual and energetic power.

Even today, for those who can afford to listen to themselves and the world around them, these are days of great intensity and strength. Every meditation, every intuition, every perception or energetic exercise is closer, more concrete and stronger than ever during these hours.

So I feel I want to share with anyone who wishes to experience these hours differently a little tip that my Masters gave me several years ago.

“In these hours your energies double, your unconscious and your conscious tend to unite to remind you of the strength and greatness that belong to you. Close your eyes and listen to your body vibrate. What you can understand today will be the focus of your work throughout the coming year.

Happy Samhain!

Haidehoi Riel
Haidehoi Riel
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