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Become a light

When you wish to help someone and receive an aggressive response or a total rejection, it is a truly important moment.

Because when it happens, it’s as if that person is telling you that it’s okay, that their path needs to pass through a certain way, and you certainly won’t be the one to divert them from crossing it.

What can you do in those moments? Learn to celebrate them.

You can learn to feel gratitude in your heart because you love being yourself and recognize how much ground you have covered.

And you can rejoice in the futility the other has handed you. Finally, you are free from the responsibility of acting for everyone, and you can dedicate yourself entirely to yourself.

Dear Nisargadatta used to say, “Free yourself from the desire to intervene in the lives of others. Upon closer inspection, no one has ever saved anyone, except themselves.”

And who knows, perhaps someone will be inspired by your example; after all, light does not fight, it does not dissuade, it does not advise: it shines spontaneously and brightens everything around it.

A luminous embrace

David Simurgh
David Simurgh

European manager for the Eish Shaok International Association. He spreads the principles of spiritual awakening through his work as a teacher, lecturer and writer. To date, he is the author of three first books on the Eish Shaok path: "I will tell you about them I- In the Beginning", "I will tell you about them II- In the Celestial Abode" and "Beyond Yourself". The books can be ordered here: ilgiardinodeilibri.it.

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