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The Essence of the Warrior

Autumn, with its intensity, awakens and brings forth a powerful force in the souls of some, a drive to act inspired by the voice of a destiny to fulfill.

This is our dedication to that force and to those who possess it, a tribute to the warriors:

Do not misunderstand, dear reader, the term “warrior” with the glorification of selfishness and violence. The true warrior is one who feels compelled by a divine force to win their own battles, to bring about great change, or to sacrifice for their ideals, becoming an inspiration to others.

True human warriors are few, but it is on those few that the fate of us all depends, and perhaps, you who are reading now, belong to this special group.

The warrior has no particular ties; their interest is directed to everything that exists and is connected to their mission. The warrior is the one who does not surrender to the limits imposed on them, to the prejudices and rules of those who fear them. The warrior knows they do not know themselves at all, but promises to not give up on their growth because they feel deep within that the flow of existence is constantly changing.

The warrior is the person who has no regrets, traumas, or dependencies, not because they have never made mistakes, been afraid, or desired something, but because they are alive and strong in the present and are constantly inspired by the God within them, who lifts them up every time they fall. The warrior fully experiences their emotions but never allows them power and control; they are the sole master of themselves.

The warrior is the one who, every evening, looking at the starry sky, greets their brothers and sisters from afar who observe them, waiting for their return. The warrior is the person who faces duties without fleeing, aware that they were born to carry them. The warrior is the one who does not yield when told that their dream of a better world is just an illusion.

The warrior does not give up because the God within them gives them the strength they need, and because they are not a man of the people but for the people. It doesn’t matter if someone will fight with them or love them for their sacrifice; they don’t seek other martyrs, they seek a world that no longer needs them.

A warrior is not always born as such. Sometimes, it happens that life for a person suddenly takes on a different meaning in a moment, on an ordinary day, and something deep within them opens their eyes and fills them with new energy. Other times, it is a journey in search of the true self that leads a person to become a warrior and fight until the end of their days to change something, even just a detail, in a world destined to be shaped.

Perhaps these words have bored you, dear warrior. Maybe they are things about you that you already knew, but it is important that at least once someone tells you that you are not alone and thanks you with all their heart, even if you do not consider it necessary.

Thank you

See you soon, warrior.

Eish Shaok
Eish Shaok
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