Eish Shaok Schools


Genoa / Italy

Lessons: every tuesday


Ceriale / Italy

Lessons: every thursday


Milan / Italy

Lessons: every monday


Vicenza / Italy

Lessons: fortnightly lessons


Bologna / Italy

Lessons: every tuesday


Rome / Italy

Lessons: fortnightly lessons


Livorno / Italy

Lessons: fortnightly lessons


Bremen / Germany

Lessons: monthly seminar


Brussels / Belgium

Lessons: monthly seminar

Energetic Synergy

Energetic Synergy

Synergy (from the Greek συνεργός, meaning ‘working together’) can generally be described as the relationship between two or more elements that work together to produce a result that wouldn’t be possible working alone.

Energetic synergy happens when you understand your energetic system perfectly and manage to harmonise it with your mental intention to fully express your spiritual potential. In other words, you put all the different parts of you together and get them to work side by side, creating a team that‘s working for you.

This balance can also be called ‘union with the Soul’; a fusion of the deepest parts of you. The result is

  • A state of perfect inner harmony.
  • Fears, anxieties and suffering melt like snow in the sun.
  • A deep sense of complete inner peace.
  • Great technical potential at hand.
  • You will finally have found your life’s goal.

Achieving all this is simple thanks to a gradual course that guides you step by step, fitting all the parts together. Now, let’s take a closer look at the course and answer the questions you might have.

Eish Shaok

The origins of Eish Shaok and the history associated with its name have been lost in the maze of time. To date, the most likely historic etymology of the word ‘eish’ is linked to the Jewish word  ‘ish’ (אּישׁ), which means man, while ‘Shaok’ has its roots either in the Sanskrit ‘ashoka’ (अशोक), without suffering, or in the Armenian ‘ashok’, priest-bard.

As you can see, it’s exactly what we were talking about.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the origins and legends related to the course, you can find articles on the special Blog.